About the College

Why UChicago

An undergraduate college embedded within the resources of one of the world’s most eminent research universities.

Our History & Culture

Undergraduates have participated in critical inquiry and the fearless pursuit of knowledge since our founding.


香蕉视频app免次数版下载The College?curriculum in general and liberal education introduces students to the University’s scholarly values and fosters rigorous habits of mind that empower students to pursue their life-long learning goals and aspirations.?A wide range of singular majors, minors and areas of specialization define students’ intellectual development.

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Incoming students take part in unique traditions for Orientation Week

香蕉视频app免次数版下载 Opening Convocation welcomes students to UChicago; Aims of Education set for Thursday

Futures Design Challenge gets first-years thinking big

香蕉视频app免次数版下载 Students to present creative proposals to help fight climate change

A group of four interns review a paper as they walk through the hallway of an office.

Student Services

Prepare for Career Success

Career Advancement香蕉视频app免次数版下载 empowers UChicago undergraduates of all interests and backgrounds to apply their world-class education to a fulfilling career.?Students have access to personalized career advising, thousands of opportunities to gain skills and experience, and connections with top organizations across a variety of industries.

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Student Life

Get Involved in the UChicago Community

Student organizations and activities that fulfill personal interests while fostering inclusion.

A 3x3 grid of photos displaying interior and exterior shots of dorm buildings.

Housing & Residence Life

A Vibrant Residential Community

Our residence halls are home to 39 Houses, communities of affiliated faculty, staff, and students who live, learn, eat, debate, and?have fun?together. These halls are important social and intellectual outlets where spontaneous conversation and structured programming enrich the academic pursuits of students and faculty alike. Traditions unique to each House and hall foster fellowship and pride among residents and forge connections between current students and House alumni.

香蕉视频app免次数版下载Our Houses are far more than places to live at UChicago—they are places to thrive.

Study Abroad

Learning Around the Globe

香蕉视频app免次数版下载 In Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, UChicago undergraduate students live the life of the mind, one great city at a time.

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